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So you're probably wondering how you stumbled across this page. Don't ask me, I don't know. Really, I don't. But, as long as you're here, you might as well stick around. Maybe you'll learn something about how fascinating I am. Or maybe you'll learn that I need to get a life. But the only way you're gonna find out is if you read this page, because I'm not going to read it to you. I couldn't, even if I wanted to. I'm here, and you're...there. You have to read it yourself.
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Sep. 3rd, 2010 @ 01:21 am Plans
So, it's apparently been ages since I last posted. How do I know? Because a little bird told me. Or he would have, if he was capable of human speech. Instead, he (was it she?) mostly just sat there tweeting at me. I tried to make him (her?) a Twitter account, but he (she?) wouldn't tell me his (her? okay, I'll stop) name.

Anyway, I don't suppose too much has changed since my last post. Still working on my novels and music, still working at Jimmy Johns (though I got into UIC, so hopefully starting school there soon). I suppose my novels are the main point of this post, though. Probably should get to that.



Ah, never mind. Sparrowface, my inner crazybat, is apparently fast asleep. Lazy bum.

Anyway, my main focus this year has been my novel The Conjured World. I know, I wanted to finish that along with two other novels this year, but that's not going to happen now. Instead, I intend to finish this novel by the end of October so that I can at least begin its sequel, The Eye of the Dreamer, for Nanowrimo.

I've done a ton of planning for this series of books (to the tune of dozens of pages of plot outlines), and I've come up with enough for 9 books (yes, nine). I do intend to end it there, however, as the plot lines for the 8th and 9th books will be pretty final. Needless to say, I'll be working on this series for quite a while, and right now it is my primary focus.

Of course, I also want to finish Through the Fire, my 600-plus page novel that's nearly done (with the rest of it heavily outlined). Seems like something to do if I need a break from The Conjured World.

I also have the rough draft of the book Albatross, which I wrote during Nanowrimo 2007. I intend to rewrite it, however, as the rough draft is, well, very very rough. It, too, will be the first book of a somewhat unconventional trilogy (the second book happens before and at the same time as the first, and the third happens after the first two). Yeah. So that's something to get to.

And of course, I can't forget about my baby, Hollow Creek. Originally an animated series, but now simply a novel-in-progress (and a long one already). I have so much of its storyline planned out and so many big ideas for it that it simply has to get written.

So, I have a ton of writing to do. I'm not entirely sure what order everything's going to be written in; I expect there will be some switching between books at times. For now and until at least the end of this year, my focus is on the Conjured World series, but I could see myself taking it somewhat easier with that and working on other things for a bit after the second or third book is complete.

On top of that, there are a few things I'd like to do sooner or later. I've always wanted to write an epic fantasy novel (not urban fantasy like most of my work), and I think Circle of Fire might fit the bill, unless I come up with something else. Likewise, I've wanted to write some sort of science fiction novel at some point (not counting the Albatross trilogy), and I have an idea that I've started that might take care of that.

And, for some reason, I've really wanted to write a novel about the zombie apocalypse. I know, it's been done to death, but that's partly why I'm not rushing into it. This is probably the least imminent of all my novel plans, and I've been pondering ways to make it original and unique. I already have a couple different ideas about where the plot could go. It's something that I intend to write almost as if I was experiencing it -- I think it will be a fun challenge to see if my characters can survive the horrors of this suddenly vicious world. Of course, knowing me, I have a feeling most of them won't. Obviously can't say for sure just yet. ^^

Lots to do and think about. I don't honestly know if all of these will be finished. At the very least, I want to finish The Conjured World and Through the Fire, and probably Hollow Creek as well. I guess we'll see how the writing goes.
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Can't Take The Sky From Me
Jul. 3rd, 2010 @ 01:00 pm Monkey Business
I just had the following conversation with a good friend we shall call "S":

(12:30:52 PM) S: *huggles* ^^ Why do you have monkeys?
(12:31:00 PM) Me: because they got loose, obviously
(12:31:51 PM) S: <_<
(12:31:59 PM) S: they got loose from somewhere else and came to you?
(12:32:06 PM) Me: obviously
(12:32:20 PM) Me: weren't you listening to the emergency broadcast something or other at the beginning of the show?
(12:32:53 PM) S: I listened, but was quite baffled
(12:32:58 PM) S: as to why there were monkeys
(12:33:07 PM) Me: because they're there.
(12:33:15 PM) Me: Or possibly there they're....
(12:33:28 PM) S: both, I'd say
(12:33:37 PM) S: so you have cosmic time-traveling space monkeys
(12:33:47 PM) Me: who don't know grammar, yes
(12:34:04 PM) S: well, monkeys usually don't
(12:34:13 PM) Me: you'd be suprised
(12:34:19 PM) Me: these ones did until they started texting.
(12:34:39 PM) S: well, keep the cell phones away from them then
(12:34:55 PM) Me: we've tried
(12:35:09 PM) Me: they probably just escaped to try to find a better reception...
(12:35:27 PM) S: should have tried switching service providers first
(12:35:47 PM) Me: sorry, can't afford for them all to have verizon. costs me enough as it is lol
(12:35:53 PM) S: :p
(12:36:03 PM) S: then take them back to the zoo and tell the zoo to buy them verizon
(12:36:09 PM) Me: psh, zoo
(12:36:18 PM) Me: these monkeys would never go for something like that
(12:37:02 PM) S: too damn good for the zoo, huh?
(12:37:04 PM) Me: well, except for the one time they insisted on visiting the baboons.
(12:37:16 PM) Me: those beasts were not a good influence on these monkeys
(12:37:36 PM) S: I bet not
(12:37:45 PM) S: baboons are buffoons
(12:38:02 PM) Me: yes, yes they are, and obviously I know that now
(12:38:23 PM) S: you should just take the cell phones and put them into rehab
(12:39:27 PM) Me: yoiu know any group of monkeys known as a "flange" is not to be trusted. those bad bad baboons.
(12:40:22 PM) S: flange? o_o
(12:41:49 PM) Me: yes, a group of baboons is apparently called a flange.
(12:41:55 PM) Me: I should have known not to trust them.
(12:42:13 PM) S: yes
(12:42:16 PM) S: yes, you should have
(12:42:38 PM) S: "flange" to me sounds like some sort of evil congealed foodstuff
(12:42:54 PM) Me: yes
(12:42:55 PM) Me: lol
(12:42:55 PM) Me: apparently, the other name for a group of baboons is a "congress", and we all know no good comes from there. of course, that also explains a lot....
(12:43:31 PM) S: eheheee
(12:43:32 PM) S: indeed
(12:43:37 PM) S: never, ever trust a congress
(12:44:02 PM) Me: I never do
(12:44:14 PM) Me: I should have known that plastic-faced baboon would be trouble.
(12:45:25 PM) S: Al Gore?
(12:45:40 PM) Me: No, Nancy Babosi.
(12:45:53 PM) S: aaah yes
(12:45:55 PM) S: yeah, well
(12:45:58 PM) S: hindsight, you know
(12:46:09 PM) S: not that you would ever get much out of looking at a baboon's ass
(12:46:29 PM) Me: right
(12:46:52 PM) S: you were boned the moment you went to the zoo
(12:47:17 PM) Me: thankfully not literally, though that's probably because I stayed out of the baboon cage myself.
(12:48:19 PM) S: yeah, they wouldn't been all over you
(12:48:39 PM) Me: instead they just plotted to tax me until I shrivel up.
(12:48:41 PM) S: this is why I always cage mine securely and only let the zookeepers near them
(12:48:55 PM) S: once you're shriveled, they'll feed on your corpse
(12:48:57 PM) S: and your clothes
(12:49:00 PM) Me: pretty much
(12:49:01 PM) S: and whatever's left in your wallet
(12:50:52 PM) S: anyway, just make sure those monkeys of your don't get out of control
(12:50:55 PM) S: or they'll do the same
(12:51:28 PM) Me: yes, well, for now they're just like hormonal teenagers
(12:51:43 PM) Me: no interest in the politics of a congress of baboons.
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Simon going mad
Mar. 19th, 2010 @ 10:45 pm Testing the New Webcam
So, Kristen gave me a webcam for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Good stuff. And with it, I recorded this brief Youtube video (just me playing the intro of Epica's, "The Obsessive Devotion"):

Might make a habit of posting more videos...
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Angel Cordy
Mar. 11th, 2010 @ 07:18 pm No Good Deed
So, today I got yelled at for stopping to let a pedestrian cross the street....by the pedestrian.

Maybe I should have just run her over. The stupid are funny sometimes.
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Wash leaf on the wind
Mar. 5th, 2010 @ 08:18 pm Why the Answer is 42
For those of you who don't know, the answer to everything is 42. For those of you who do know, perhaps you never thought about why that is. Well, I'm here to offer you an explanation, the reason why the answer is 42.

[Begin not-so-serious post]

Quite simply, the answer is 42 because 7 times 6 is 42. So why is this, you ask? Because 7 and 6 mean perfect creation. 7 is a number that represents perfection, wholeness -- 7 days in a week, and on the 7th day, God rested and watched his perfect creation -- a creation that was assembled in 6 days. 7 and 6 make perfect creation.

So then, why must we take 7 times 6? Well, on their own, 7 and 6 are two separate numbers, so they must be joined in a way that preserves both of their values (which is why 76 and 67 do not work, as neither 7 nor 6 go into 76 or 67, and you can't just jam those two numbers together, can you?). We cannot add 7 and 6 together to get the answer to everything because that would make 13, the poster boy for bad luck. We cannot subtract 6 from 7 or 7 from 6 as those give us 1 and -1, respectively, and once again, that would give us with two different (and opposite) numbers. And we cannot divide 7 by 6 or 6 by 7 as both would give us a fraction, and contrary to what your math teacher may tell you, fractions are neither the answer to nor the meaning of life. That leaves us with multiplication, and 7 times 6 is 42.

But why, then, does the answer to everything have to do with perfect creation? Because everything in the natural universe that was, is, or is to be is what it is because of perfect creation or the violation of that perfect creation. Nature is self-sufficient because of perfect creation, the Earth is habitable because of perfect creation. And nearly everything that happens with humanity is a result of that violation of perfection, a violation of 42.

It all leads back to perfect creation, to the 7 and 6 -- to 42.

[/not-so-serious post]

As my tags hopefully made clear, the above post was not serious, was not meant to be taken seriously, and was in no way serious. Seriously. So why post this at all, you ask? The answer to that question is, simply, 42.
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Simon going mad
Feb. 13th, 2010 @ 03:04 pm The Great Credit Fraud
I find it amusing, or perhaps disturbing, that every time I go to pay my Citi credit card, there's a message on the website saying that if I pay late, my interest rate will jump to the penalty rate of 29.99% and my credit will be affected.

And yet, even though I've never missed a payment, I've got a standard APR of, well, 29.99%. How does that make sense? So even though I have no balance on the card, if I were to use it and then pay late, I wouldn't be penalized at all? I'm already paying an APR rate that is identical to the penalty rate, and while I don't have bad credit, I simply don't have enough history for it to be good. So what gives?

And then you get UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling for a worldwide tax on banks. Right, like we, the customer, are not going to get stuck with that bill if it happens.

It seems so many banks aren't out to protect your money anymore -- they're out to pilfer it. And the new legislation in the US to keep banks from ripping off credit card customers doesn't actually cap interest rates or fees, so it's hard to see how that helps.

Oh, and in other news, I no longer have a sunday radio show. It's been moved to Saturdays at noon (central time -- 1:00 pm eastern) on Ocean Front Jams, directly following Jim's classical hour show. Don't worry, I'll still be playing the best rock and metal (and a little film score) around. It's just more appropriate that I follow Jim.
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Angel Cordy
Feb. 5th, 2010 @ 08:39 pm Epica in Chicago
Picture-heavy post ahead, so be warned, oh dial-up users!Collapse )
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Angel Cordy
Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 07:40 pm So....
Ask me your questions. It's all Jim's fault.

This could be interesting. Or possibly horrifying.
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Angel Cordy
Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 12:08 am Kicking the Habit
Here's to trying not to make this sound like an AA meeting. *raises glass*

Hello all, my name is Mike.

"Hi, Mike! You might want to put down the glass, or, you know, people could get the wrong idea!"

Right, sorry! It's Coke, really!

But I'm sure you're not here to ponder my choice in late-night beverages. Or if you are, let me know in the comments, though I suppose that's what Twitter is for. "Water!" "Coke!" "Water!" "More water!" "Still more water!"

Anyway, on to the point.

I never used to swear. I remember when I let one slip while hanging out with a friend once, and she promptly ratted me out to mom (we were somewhere around 10 years old). In fact, it wasn't until her reaction that I realized it was a swear word at all. I guess that's how kids are; they'll pick up words all over the place and use them without knowing what they mean.

But somewhere along the line (as in, a couple years ago), I started swearing, just a little at a time, and it soon became a frequent problem. It became second nature, so much so that sometimes I let certain words slip in the wrong situations.

Somehow, though, I didn't realize how bad I had become until last year when I, oddly enough, borrowed the first season of True Blood from a friend. As anyone who has seen a series on HBO can tell you, those shows are loaded with cursing (unless there is or was a recent series on HBO without cursing that I don't know about). I was never really a big fan of shows or movies where people swore just for the sake of it, but watching True Blood made me realize something. I was just about as bad as those characters. Okay, I swore less in everyday conversation, but I still did it from time to time. My biggest problem was when I became angry, as I would feel like I could no longer control my language (particularly when I was by myself).

From that point on, I noticed every time I swore. I was still as bad as ever, but I felt remorse for it afterward. I hated that I did it, I wanted to stop, and at one point I did try to quit but gave up after a few days. Several more months passed without any improvement, though more and more I wanted to kick the habit.

Then came a certain memorable midnight, the turning from one year to the next. I was in the middle of the new Star Trek movie with friends when the calendar changed, and I never thought that I hadn't made a resolution. As it was, I never made resolutions in past years mostly because I never saw the point of waiting for the new year to do things that needed doing or fixing things that needed fixing. But a few hours later, probably somewhere along the 30 mile drive home from Carpentersville, I realized that this would be as good an opportunity as any to try to dump a bad habit.

Somehow, much to my surprise, this attempt to stop swearing was easier than the last one. I don't know what I did differently, but nearly every time I found myself in a position to swear, particularly when I became angry, I was able to stop and think before saying anything, and that helped me become less angry at the same time. Soon I was down to cursing perhaps five or six times per day, and last week I realized I was down to one or two. And now, as I sit here writing this, I haven't done it once in the last two days, and as cliché as this sounds, it does feel great not to feel like swearing is a natural thing. In fact, even the thought of doing it feels quite unnatural now, just like it used to long ago.

There is still that worry in the back of my head that I'll slip up and start the whole downward spiral again, but I don't plan to let that happen. I'll remain vigilant, to borrow a horribly overused phrase. I've heard it takes three to four weeks to start a new habit, and now that I've done that, I don't intend to give it up.
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Angel Dancing
Nov. 8th, 2009 @ 04:46 pm Tale of the Tape
The following conversation just occurred on instant messenger between me and a friend (who I will call J). Names have been changed to protect the insane.


(4:35:52 PM) Me: I helped take an air conditioner out of the window. soon to do the second story one. I lead an exciting life here.
(4:35:53 PM) Me: lol
(4:36:31 PM) J: It's hard to decide if the repotting the plants was just as exciting
(4:36:40 PM) Me: lol
(4:36:40 PM) J: I DID get to play with dirt, though
(4:36:43 PM) Me: ooooo
(4:36:48 PM) J: that's always a plus
(4:36:59 PM) Me: I...I watched mom peel old tape off the bottom of the air conditioner. think it's a close call, here.
(4:37:07 PM) J: oh wow
(4:37:16 PM) J: you're right, it is
(4:37:38 PM) J: removing tape can be the highlight of one's day
(4:37:41 PM) Me: oh yes
(4:37:45 PM) J: if you time it correctly
(4:37:47 PM) Me: I only wish it could have been me, you know?
(4:37:53 PM) Me: she just got to it first
(4:37:53 PM) J: dman
(4:37:56 PM) J: lo'
(4:38:00 PM) J: that sucks
(4:38:04 PM) Me: I know
(4:38:14 PM) Me: but this upstairs air conditioner...oh yes, it's all mine.
(4:38:19 PM) J: although, PLACING new tape can be an experience
(4:38:35 PM) Me: I don't know, don't you need, like, some sort of safety equipment and training for that?
(4:39:14 PM) J: I think a safety class is all you need, but maybe some medical training.....depends what KIND of tape it is
(4:39:30 PM) J: certain tapes have medicinal purposes
(4:39:37 PM) Me: right, true
(4:39:41 PM) Me: for instance, duct tape.
(4:39:43 PM) J: yes
(4:39:50 PM) J: and adhesive
(4:39:58 PM) J: cloth tape
(4:40:09 PM) Me: other tapes are useful for fixing things. like, duct tape. other tapes are good for fastening things together or sealing plastic bags. like duct tape.
(4:40:29 PM) J: I think a semester in duct tape is truly needed
(4:40:36 PM) Me: yes
(4:40:42 PM) J: is it a 100 or a 200 level class?
(4:40:52 PM) Me: I even used duct tape to repair pants once (from the inside -- pretty good makeshift patch)
(4:40:55 PM) Me: 400, easily
(4:41:00 PM) J: ah
(4:41:01 PM) J: well
(4:41:12 PM) J: I don't know if I have the proper prerequisites then
(4:41:17 PM) J: *sad*
(4:41:28 PM) Me: probably not. but you can go far in plant repotting and dog diaper-fastening
(4:41:38 PM) J: ah, yes
(4:41:48 PM) Me: the biggest trick with the latter is getting the dog to stay still enough for long enough
(4:41:51 PM) J: I probably could get a master's degree
(4:41:56 PM) Me: easily
(4:42:00 PM) Me: you could teach a master's course
(4:42:00 PM) J: hmmm
(4:42:04 PM) J: ah, yes
(4:42:15 PM) J: maybe I could do the duct tape ones on line
(4:42:20 PM) J: on my own time
(4:42:46 PM) J: I have had the medical training on the cloth adhesive tape
(4:42:50 PM) Me: oooo
(4:42:54 PM) J: I am EXTREMELY good at that
(4:43:23 PM) J: also, minors in transparent tape, packaging tape, and silk and paper tape
(4:43:29 PM) Me: I bet. and after showing everyone how good you are, you head to the local bar to relax and have a good scotchtape.


Yes, we really did have an 8 minute conversation about tape. *grin*
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Angel Cordy